Black Magic Cape

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Only a magician in a black cape can pull of this kind of magic. No one knows just how a black glitter so void of color can sparkle so brightly. Then again color theory teaches us that black is not void of color. Black can be achieved with an exhaustive combination of multiple colors of primary pigment. Well with this glitter a color void of light has never shined so brightly.

Solid black glitters absorbs 100% light and will not sparkle under epoxy. That’s why this black has a secondary cyan hue to give it its sparkle under epoxy. It’s especially noticeable in chunky as shown in the pictures. This is way better than contamination of silver into a black in an attempt to make the black sparkle.

• Solvent and heat resistant. Non-toxic and ideal for crafting and make-up.

• 2 ounce bottle weighed with precision and hand packaged.

• Available in a variety of sizes.

• Material: Polyester

The many uses and applications of glitter are seemingly endless. You can achieve just about any look with the assortment of colors, styles and sizes and variety. Glitter is used in cosmetics to make nails and makeup shiny and sparkly. it is also frequently used in fashion with its application on textiles. Due to the extreme sparkle factor of this fantastic and versatile product, it is often used on fishing lures to draw attention by simulating the scales of a pray fish.

Our most favorite use of glitter is in the application of arts and crafts including tumblers to add color, depth, and texture to help tell a story. You are only limited by your imagination and thought process with the utilization of glitter to help pull off some dazzling and mind bending effects. Use in combination with alcohol inks, hydro dips and brushed on acrylics to help your designs come to life. Create a multitude of looks such as ombre, geode, peek-a-boo and combinations.


**Colors may appear different from one monitor to the next. Photos have been taken to depict the true colors of our products. Inherent limitations with on screen viewing may slightly affect the appearance of the colors but we do our best to ensure that it is as accurate as possible.

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