3D Printed Football shaped tumbler honeypot ring

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3D printed plastic ring to give your custom tumbler a pottery-like appearance. Paint and decorate over the ring to look how you want. (See images for what a completed cup might look like. Example cup was crafted by Heather, she can be contacted if you need a completed cup: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CustomCreations31326)

This is THE BEST FITTING honeypot ring that you will ever find! Rings are designed to accommodate the shape and curvature of the cup for a snug fit that makes contact along the ENTIRE inside surface of the ring. Random fact: our rings look flat on the inside but it's actually got a slight curve to the inner surface because that's how meticulous we are when it comes to the finer details. Our current 25oz football ring can be used on a 12oz wine tumbler but we are not satisfied with this fit and will be designing a ring specific to these in the future.

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