Blendan Wallen - Extreme Color Shift Mica

Blendan Wallen - Extreme Color Shift Mica

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This premium extreme color shift chameleon pearl pigment mica powder is part of our Extreme Bearmeleon Mica Series. Bearmeleon mica shows color changing & strong color shift effects if you look at it from different angles.

• Solvent and heat resistant. Non-toxic and ideal for crafting and make-up.

• Packaged in 5g container by volume. Actual product weight is 1g

• Particle Size: 10-70 um

• Material: Multiple Inorganic Oxide Materials 

• Caution Long term inhalation of mica powder may cause lung scarring so please be careful not to inhale product when handling.

The many uses and applications of mica powders are seemingly endless. You can achieve just about any look with the assortment of colors and varieties. It can be used in many areas such as crafts, car painting, plastics and leathers for an endless variety of looks. Mica is also used in cosmetics to make nails and makeup shiny and sparkly.

Our most favorite use of mica powder is in the application of arts and crafts including tumblers to add color, depth, and texture to help tell a story. You are only limited by your imagination and thought process with the utilization of mica powder to help pull off some dazzling and mind bending effects. Use in combination with alcohol inks, hydro dips and brushed on acrylics to help your designs come to life.


**Colors may appear different from one monitor to the next. Photos and video have been taken to depict the true colors of our products. Inherent limitations with on screen viewing may slightly affect the appearance of the colors but we do our best to ensure that it is as accurate as possible.

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