Kinepeikwa Dragon Scale

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This line of "glitter" is actually irregular cuts of mica rock flakes. These are perfect to use with all sorts of epoxy works and applications. Kinepeikwa is a green silver pearl color combination. Kinepeikwa is of native american mythology having said to shed and grow new skin causing it to change into a massive serpant.

• Solvent and heat resistant. Non-toxic and ideal for crafting.

• This is hand produced and will vary in mica flake proportions within 6-10 mesh.

• 2 ounce bottle weighed with precision and hand packaged.

• Material: Mica rock flakes

**Colors may appear different from one monitor to the next. Photos have been taken to depict the true colors of our products. Inherent limitations with on screen viewing may slightly affect the appearance of the colors but we do our best to ensure that it is as accurate as possible.

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